I'm a Digital Product Designer

What defines me as a product designer is the deep compassion I have for users as well as my ability to work effectively across numerous disciplines.

Whether I'm designing, consulting or just sharing, my goal is to create a story and make it artistic, easy and most importantly meaningful.

When facing design challenges, I don't just create solutions on my own; I seek an understanding from all relevant users and subject matter experts.

Having a broad range of experiences, from well known companies like Aviva, Nike Inc., and etc., lets me collaborate well in teams and empathize sincerely with customers.

Since my formal education is in information systems and computer science, I can talk with developers in their language in terms of feasibility and coding.

Art is always in the center of my life; with the aim of simplicity and aesthetics, I care greatly for users and am forever fueled by a passion for solving challenging problems through detail-oriented great user experiences.


Digital GTM Management Executive & Digital Product Designer


Digital Project Management and Design Specialist

Sahibinden.com / UXservices

Digital Project Management and Design Specialist

Aviva / UXservices

Software Project Management and Design

State University of New York, USA


M.Sc. in Computer Science

State University of New York, USA

B.Sc. in Information System Engineering

State University of New York, USA


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