iBot is a powerful and clever chatbot that creates premium customer experience for mobile Apple Store application with conversational and unique user interface.

The goal of the this project create delightful and interactive solution for the current existing tool e-commerce tool of Apple, Apple Store App. This project shows the vision, scope and personality of Apple Store app chatbot iBot.


iBot is a powerful and clever chatbot that creates premium customer experience for mobile Apple Store application with conversational and unique user interface.

iBot aims to give more personal as well as conversational and premium shopping experience to the Apple customers. Apple customer that prefers personal, interactive and premium shopping experience.


After I did my research on existing platform Apple Store App, I realised that Potential Apple customers have three intentions: Shop, Get Help and Locate Store. That’s because I designed iBot in a way that it can serve for these three functions.

I listed the tasks that potential customer can perform. Because of this project’s focuses on shopping, I created the customer journey that shows user experience flow of customer who intends to select and buy an Apple product.


When I did my research on Apple applications, I realised that Apple uses pop ups to create awareness to the user. Since this projects aims to Apple users I intend to use same pop up technique to create awareness for the brand new iBot feature on the landing page. After user acknowledges the new feature, it is time to discover all Apple products.

Apple has structured product profiles that helps user to find the best product that suits the interests. When I check both mobile app and the websites, it was clear that Apple uses filtering option to narrowing down the user interest to find the best product. That’s because, iBot’s logic should be finding customer needs by asking simple to higher level questions.

Also, like Siri, iBot needs to gather information from user with simple words by using speech recognition engine. For example, if user simply says “shop, iphone 8”, iBot should able to go directly to the customization step by skipping the first simple filtering questions. Since this projects, aims on the shopping experience, I will just focus on the main user experience flow.


To ensure realibility, iBot repeatedly shows the current status of the order and offers the shipment and payment options. Apple Account information in mobile application is selected as default payment option. Therefore, iBot asks to user if he or she want to change the payment method, or shipping address if the order is selected as delivery just like in the webpage.

User can change his or her mind instantly before the check out process, because of that iBot continously delivers Shop More option to the user before the check out procedure begins.

Pay with Touch ID used as a payment method to create smooth and simple user experience. Even though user did not change address with iBot, this options ensures realibility for these informations.


After the payment, iBot informs user about the successful payment and shares order details that will sent user’s email address later on.

Just like Apple orders, order number, shipping address and as well as order summary shared with user. After the information, iBot asks user about if user needs more assistance.

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