SKU - Nike Knowledge Experience is an e-learning tool that helps athletes to learn the brand's latest product and technology information. It also creates social interaction with other users while learning and exploring the content.

As Digital Project Lead of the digital product, I led the overall design efforts of the new web interface of the web site. The new brand faced and minimal web interface design created huge impact on consumer experience that satisfied our users which eventually led to higher conversion rate.

I did series of research about previous website interface to explore improvement areas, including interviews, surveys and field study with brand stores. Improvement areas of previous website:

Not brand faced design
Unprofessional look & unresponsive layout
Lots of pop up windows
Hard to find information has taken as an role model for the new design to reflect the brand and bring consistency to the company. It was important to use same font style and sizes with to create consistency between pages. User personas were internal employee, store staff and users.
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