is the best and most well known e-commerce platform of Turkey, in which people and businesses buy and sell real estate, cars and a broad variety of goods and services. Registration and posting listings are free of charge.

As an user experience designer, I designed and developed across iOS, Android and the web. I sketched out many wireframes, designed serious of prototypes and moderated testing sessions with actual users until ensuring a premium experience.

In April 2015, a 4-person squad including myself built a minimum viable product called sahibindex that calculates the real time price of housings and creates demographic reports and designed it to be cross-platform. Demoed internally the following week, our prototype received enormous support.

Renting a house or buying estate is a serious investment. Before there was no digital tool which summarizes market info to the users. New tool was designed based on these needs:

- Population, gender, education, age, etc. distribution in a given neighbourhood.

- Average market prices of for sale and rental houses

We believe this information is very crucial to the user in a decision making process of buying or renting a house. For design criteria, we did our research on reporting tools to create best visual representation of a report in minimal, useful and accurate way:

- Colors are chosen to represent different variables like age, gender.

- The change in price info was showed by red for the decrease and green for the increase in average price.

- The graphs are frequently used for the user to view the summary info easily.

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