Nike Football Experience (NFX) is crafted with the purpose of connecting people around soccer to build a team and arrange soccer matches between each other while exploring latest brand related technology news, jersey designs and latest scores of their favourite teams.

As a creative mind of the project, I designed the scope of the project and led the UX / UI design efforts of the mobile application.

I used Sketch App for building wireframes and UX / UI design, Invision and Principle App for rapid prototyping.


Football means world for a lot of countries like Turkey, Brazil and etc. In those countries football fans keep track and talk about everything of their favorite teams 24 / 7. In addition, they arrange football matches between them every week. It is a big ritual that repeats every week and month. Nike already delivered the best app to runners (NRC) and trainers (NTC). Now it is time for the give real Nike experience to the football fans with enriching the content with their favorite teams.

I did my research with employees and football fans to see if there is a need for this kind of application. I learned that back in 2008 Nike created a football application for football fans to give brand news which did not really used.

Lesson learned! The football application should create interaction between users and give an unique football experience to them.

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